Foraging and Flower Picking

It’s been excruciatingly hard for me to contain my enthusiasm for Spring (all of the 5 minutes of it we had) while I sit inside an office all day, so when I get home I usually spend a couple hours outside walking around observing, foraging, or picking flowers. I mostly picked the violets so I could extract the colorful dye, but it ended up a flop; I don’t think my flower per water volume was correct. I’m collecting the dandelions and honeysuckles for wine and mead making in the fall. From what I’ve read, using only the petals yields the best results so it’s a time consuming process to collect and prepare them for storage. My goal is around 3 qts of petals by summer’s end (!)








Sunday Observations: Southern Wildflowers

Everything looks so beautiful after a long period of rain. Things are untouched, because nobody can cut grass for days, so there’s a sense of wildness about the neighborhood that I really love. The diversity of plants in the Southeast is always impressive. I’m slowly trying to identify all of these; if there are some incorrect ones please comment.





fieldRobin’s Plaintain

flyingantRobin’s Plaintain

cloverCrimson Clover




darkwaterRobin’s Plaintain

purpSpider Lily

purpleSpider Lily


shroom Unidentified Shroom


A Pyramid Quilt and Kali Yuga Blues

My bff at work, Brad, and his wife Kate just had a baby. This kid came into the world as a healthy (I stress healthy) bouncing baby boy – Amon Alasdair. I wanted to make a special gift for the parents because it touches my heart so much seeing them experience this child together. Despite every sleepless night I’ve seen Brad drag in to work, still with a smile on his face. He’s so proud of that kid. Every time Kate brings the boy up to the office she’s smiling so big I just wanna hug her. It’s a beautiful thing. So.. here’s to two wonderful and amazing parents. I set most of my handiwork to one of my favorite records from last year, one that Brad clued me in on; it only seemed fitting – Bardo Pond / Peace on Venus. Love you guys!

The Quilt:

2014-12-10 23.07.03

2014-12-10 21.39.24

The Musick:

Peace xox