Afternoon Mochi Tasting

I stayed behind today picking at a microwaved Amy’s dinner while my coworkers went to one of my fave lunch spots, Red Pearl. BUT they did me a solid and brought back a couple boxes of Mochi ice cream treats, I guess to show they cared, and/or they missed me, and/or they just wanted to see my facial expression when they told me one of the flavors was “sesame”. Who knows. If you’ve never had Mochi before, I suggest starting with either vanilla or my personal favorite, green tea. The outside part of Mochi is basically a gelatin-like rice flour shell that covers a ball of ice cream. The shell is slightly flavored to match the inside ice cream variety.

Surprisingly, and after many faces made during the first bite or two of each of us sampling it, the sesame was better than the strawberry which is shown below. I thought the strawberry tasted too artificially flavored.


I was curious about how it was made so I found this video, which is actually pretty informative. Seems super simple.