Tokens of Magic

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I’ve always been superstitious. I love magic potions, fortune telling, folklore, and voodoo, and I believe in magic spells. As an adult, I still don’t want my feet to touch the sidewalk cracks. If I want to learn about the dynamics of my relationship with another person, I’ve been known to look to astrology. I have a mood ring I bought last summer, and I wore it to give myself special powers to get through a difficult situation. This morning, I thought of taking it off, but couldn’t leave my house without putting it on for fear of bad vibes.

I truly do love tokens. I like assigning objects that stand for something meaningful, or even something ridiculous. In an odd way, this somehow helps me compartmentalize those things and treat them exactly as the ideas they are. It keeps things simple.

We can create a life of magic and spirituality, dark and light, or choose not to. I’m not religious in the traditional sense, but I can relate to how and why people are.. it’s just.. there are so many other ways to feel a sense of belonging or to come closer to the discovery of one’s self. There are forces in the universe all around us, influencing our lives and intertwining to influence our relationships. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year creating my personal place of magical zen-like comfort, both in my home and in my daily activities. I’ve done this as a process in order to understand the deeper parts of me. And in doing so, it turns out I’m not all that complicated. At the core, I want meaningful relationships.

The thing is, whether we believe in magic, we create our own kingdoms of illusion or disillusion anyway. We are all searching for meaning in some form. So, ironically, it’s not the magic in the actual tokens, but my devotion to what they stand for,  and in directing me to find more meaning in everything I do. It took me nearly 30 years to figure out that the most magical things are right at my fingertips, in plain sight.